OEM: Not Just Another Energy Broker

With the government announcing that the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will only last until 31st March 2023, now is the time to take control of your energy strategy.

At Open Energy Market we bring cost savings, confidence and full control to a volatile market.

In fact, 80% of our customers won’t require government price cap support for their energy bills this winter as we are in full control of their energy strategy. This will save taxpayers over £250m versus full energy price cap payouts.

One business who enjoys the cost savings, confidence and control brought by Open Energy Market is Office Space in Town. Here’s what they have to say regarding Open Energy Market:

Open Energy Market has revolutionised the process of energy procurement, and net zero planning with our proactive and effective management of business energy strategies.

OEM’s fund has consistently outperformed the market, delivering substantial savings across Gas and Power to hundreds of businesses throughout the UK.

Through the consultation process we work with your organisation to develop your energy strategy, defining your priorities in relation to your corporate objectives.

In an industry saturated with data, our Open Platform does the hard work for you and delivers key information that help businesses make impactful decisions quickly.

Take control of your energy strategy today.

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