The story so far

Corporate Mission

We employ technology and expertise to create a competitive commercial marketplace built on insight and integrity. Always delivering a great experience for customers and suppliers.

Cultural Mission

To build an outstanding team of experts through a culture that properly rewards success, ambition and innovation.

How it all began...

Open Energy Market was established in late 2012 with a vision of providing energy buyers and suppliers a more efficient, open and fairer way to contract. The industry lacked technology, transparency and innovation; challenges we met head on with the launch of our Open Platform in 2013.

The first iteration of the platform focused on our highly competitive reverse auction; giving all UK suppliers a fair and open route to win business and our new customers the cheapest possible prices in the market.


How we grew…

When we delivered a significant saving for Nandos in direct competition with three of the largest brokers in the industry, we knew we had a product that would change the industry.

Our growth accelerated from there with more large household names converting to our Open Platform. In 2016 we reached our first milestone of £100m under contract and launched our unique flexible trading module for large energy users.


Making waves…

In 2017 we built the UK’s first automated, OJEU compliant, Dynamic Purchasing System for the public sector, dramatically enhancing the buying process for schools, hospitals and councils.

Our ambition and innovation had not gone unnoticed and in the summer of 2017 we were awarded the title of Energy Consultants of Tomorrow by TELCA.


Accelerating growth…

To drive the next development phase of the business we elected to take on PE investment in early 2018 which allowed us to invest significantly in the growth of the team and open a second office in Bromsgrove.

We launched our flagship trading product “The Performance Fund” alongside the bill validation module and water trading through Open Water Market. We reached our second milestone of £500m under contract.


Embracing the future…

The energy sector is one of the fastest growing global industries. Innovation in efficiency products, technology and infrastructure is rife and businesses will need to invest and procure well to remain competitive. Data has become the key driver to cost saving and informed decision-making and the Open Platform will always be at the heart of translating that data into business intelligence.

We are continually innovating, building fast and pushing the boundaries of our sector. We aim to achieve a dominant market share by 2022.

Our Senior Team
Michael Ward

Michael Ward


Chris Maclean

Chris Maclean

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Walden-Jones

Tom Walden-Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson

Chief Technology Officer

Neil Cressy

Neil Cressy

Commercial Director

The open platform has always been shaped by its users, we will always retain the agility to adapt and evolve quickly in line with market demands. Whether you’re a customer, partner or supplier we truly value your feedback. Help build the platform that works for you, help build the future of energy buying. Contact Us