Are you aware of the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) changes coming into effect in 2022?

The TCR changes will cost unprepared businesses thousands.

Ofgem is changing from the current ‘triad’ charging methodology to an updated ‘banding’ fixed charge approach. If your kVA is set at a level higher than required, you may pay unnecessary network costs for energy you do not need. Reducing your kVA sensitively according to your profile and consumption may sit your business in a lower 'band' which can save up to £51k per meter per year.

Want to know more about how your business will be impacted by the TCR changes?

OEM are providing a no-obligation TCR report bespoke to your business where we identify the cost implications and how to sensitively reduce your consumption to a lower band.

Ensure your business avoids increased network costs, enquire today for a no-obligation TCR report.

Last updated: February 2021