Introducing NFG Energy

An Open Energy Market and New Forest Growers partnership, providing expert energy procurement to the horticultural industry

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Open Energy Market have fostered a new and exciting partnership with New Forest Growers.

Together we will deliver competitive energy prices to businesses in the horticultural industry and supply chain.

New Forest Growers is an established cooperative providing specialised procurement to the horticultural industry, offering a range of products and expertise to their members.

The collaboration of Open Energy Market's procurement technology and New Forest Growers horticultural expertise, means the NFG Energy portfolio is tailored to the horticultural industry and its supply chain.

Open Energy Market provide NFG Energy portfolio members, gas and electricity contracts at competitive rates, and is managed by our best-in-class trading experts.

Do you operate in any area of the horticultural industry?

The specialist energy portfolio is for you.

Enquire today for a comparison against your current energy rates.


Choose the contract option best suited to your business

NFG Energy Fixed

Secure a fixed price for the duration of your energy contract, giving you price certainty in a volatile market where prices both rise and fall. Open Energy Market will recommend when to fix your contract at the optimum time. Our forecasting tool will support your decision making and budget protection.

Open Energy Market track the market and ensure you fix your contract at the optimum time based on the forecast market activity. We will conduct a transparent tender process through the 'Open Platform' using our reverse auction, which drives down prices as suppliers compete for your contract.

After procuring you the best suited energy contract based on your business' needs, your dedicated Open Energy Market Consultant is on hand to support you, validating your energy bills and answering any queries.

NFG Energy Flex

If you use a large volume of energy (1GWh+ per year), our energy 'Flex' contract gives you the opportunity to take advantage of fluctuating markets. Flex contracts aim to purchase your energy at a lower cost to the market average.

The Open Energy Market Trading Team purchase your energy in line with the agreed strategy outlined in an initial meeting. The flex strategy aims to spread the risk over a period of time, buying little and often.

In addition to the cost-saving potential of the flex option, it also supports with volume accuracy allowing Open Energy Market to re-forecast your consumption and adjust your purchasing strategy based on your changing requirements. The Flex contract is a 'zero tolerance' option, ensuring businesses with fluctuating consumption are not penalised with penalties.

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