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OEM have a fast-track onboarding process via an online ‘Letter of Authority’ available to sign in the Open Platform

View your non
        half-hourly meter charts

In addition to viewing your consumption charts for half hourly data, you can now access non half-hourly charts, giving you a visual snapshot of your meter activity

Maximum Demand

Could you be overpaying for your meter supply? We automatically detect and highlight potential savings opportunities based on your agreed capacity and demand

Risk Management

Share your energy purchasing goals with us, and we can tailor a bespoke Risk Management strategy for your business

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The energy world can be a jungle. Bulls. Bears. Danger at every turn. Rest assured - our traders are alerted when it’s time to take action

CCL Discount

Store and manage your PP11 forms and apply the correct CCL discount to your meters


View a year-on-year comparison of your half-hourly consumption for each meter, along with any missing half-hourly readings for the period


Manage your energy documentation with ease, using our improved archive. View version histories, and add tags to easily locate your files

Streamlined Energy &
Carbon Reporting

How sustainable is your business? Analyse your emissions, download your SECR report, and watch as your initiatives reduce your carbon footprint over time

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Help us change the energy industry - one idea at a time. Our ‘Open Ideas’ page makes sure that your voice is heard

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BEIS launch the 'Strengthening the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme' consultation

On July 6th, 2021 the Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), launched a consultation: 'Strengthening the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme'.


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment for large undertakings. It identifies cost-effective and energy-efficient opportunities that support businesses in reducing their energy costs and emissions and simultaneously increasing competitiveness.

By 2030 ESOS is expected to reduce UK businesses' energy costs by £1.6bn.

ESOS reporting is compulsory for any UK organisation with:

  • 250+ employees
  • or an annual turnover in access of £44m and balance sheet in excess of £38m

ESOS reporting will likely be more stringent and detailed, resulting in increased fees from energy consultancies to cover the additional time, workload, and analysis.

OEM will not be charging any additional fees to ESOS contracts that are signed before the consultation takes effect.

Are you prepared for ESOS Phase 3? Enquire today.

Last updated: September 2021

Secure your 2022 contract now to mitigate the rising energy prices

Energy Graph

After a fall in wholesale energy costs in 2020, gas and electricity prices have risen rapidly and are expected to remain high. If your energy contracts are due for renewal in 2022 now is the time to consider a flexible contract, rather than fixing a contract whilst energy markets are high.

OEM’s Open Performance Fund groups customers’ energy demand, allowing fund members to benefit from wholesale prices. Energy is purchased by our traders who aim to take advantage of market dips and fluctuating markets.

The Open Performance Fund has consistently outperformed 12-month market averages, saving its members thousands.

Contact OEM today for obligation-free recommendations on your 2022 contract renewals, and how to best navigate high energy costs.

Last updated: September 2021

Winter Summer Stats

Open Energy Market’s 'Open Performance Fund' dominates the industry once again for Summer 21 prices

OEM's Summer 21 fund prices, for both power and gas, have outperformed the 12-month market average once again. Our fund customers are paying £7 per megawatt hour (MWh) less on their electricity bills and 5p per therm (ppt) less on their gas bills compared to the market average. As a result our fund members have saved thousands on their power and gas in comparison to the market average.

We're confident our fund prices will not be beaten, how much could you save in the Open Performance Fund?


Find out more about the Open Performance Fund here

Last updated: April 2021

Summer Fund Image

Are you aware of the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) changes coming into effect in 2022?

The TCR changes will cost unprepared businesses thousands.

Ofgem is changing from the current ‘triad’ charging methodology to an updated ‘banding’ fixed charge approach. If your kVA is set at a level higher than required, you may pay unnecessary network costs for energy you do not need. Reducing your kVA sensitively according to your profile and consumption may sit your business in a lower 'band' which can save up to £51k per meter per year.

Want to know more about how your business will be impacted by the TCR changes?

OEM are providing a no-obligation TCR report bespoke to your business where we identify the cost implications and how to sensitively reduce your consumption to a lower band.

Ensure your business avoids increased network costs, enquire today for a no-obligation TCR report.

Last updated: February 2021

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Are you aware of the ‘Take or Pay’ clause included in fixed energy contracts?

The ‘Take or Pay’ clause leaves businesses susceptible to penalty charges if their consumption is 20% under or over their contracted energy usage.
If your consumption has dramatically increased or decreased over the last 18 months, it will require action to be taken if you are in a fixed contract, to avoid penalty charges.
OEM are raising awareness of the ‘Take or Pay’ clause and volume tolerances often included in the fine print of fixed energy contracts.

If your energy consumption has changed and you are concerned about additional charges, contact us today for no-obligation advice.

Last updated: December 2020

News Image

Open Energy Market’s power fund dominates the industry for Winter 20 prices

The Winter 20 season kicked off with our trading team securing our ‘Open Performance Fund’ members a 10.3% saving in comparison to the 12-month market average.

Have you considered OEM’s fund, rather than a fixed energy contract?

Our 'Open Performance Fund' allows it’s members to benefit from wholesale power market prices.
The fund is live and performance is easily monitored with 24/7 access through the Open Platform - there's no hiding place for the trading desk.


Read more about the Open Performance Fund here

Last updated: November 2020

Winter Fund Image