A network of experts continually evaluating your business to identify and implement sustainability, efficiency and cost saving opportunities

What is Open Connect?

Through our Open Platform, Open Energy Market connects you to a network of energy specialists beyond procurement, providing ongoing identification, evaluation and implementation of cost, carbon and energy reducing opportunities.

This specialist network of experts, known as Open Connect, ensures you a future-proofed energy strategy.

How does it work?

Open Connect combines your energy data with the intelligence and automation of our Open Platform. Your bespoke dashboard routinely evaluates your portfolio and energy demand, matching you to a variety of vetted specialists across the wider energy sector.

The result is the dynamic identification, assessment and execution of cost, carbon and energy saving opportunities.

What are the benefits?

Your business is provided with continual assessment of costsaving and efficiency-improving opportunities best suited to your business, ensuring your energy strategy remains forward facing and future-proofed.

Once these opportunities are evaluated we implement and execute the project through to completion, including securing a suitable funding strategy and advising on the financial support available to your business.

Our Service Commitment

Each specialist in the Open Connect network is carefully selected and vetted by Open Energy Market. Our partners are trusted experts, considered 'outstanding' in their field.

Our experts manage the project execution and provide guidance beyond implementation of any new technology or participation in any schemes, giving you the ongoing support needed to manage and measure an effective savings programme.

Open Connect Diagram