Intelligence from data

The Open Platform

Our award-winning platform is leading the digital transformation of our industry.

Designed by energy buyers for all energy buyers, it’s easy to use yet packed with features to deliver the key information you need to make the right business decisions. Quickly.

Cut through the noise

In an industry saturated with data, leave the spreadsheets behind and embrace a technology that does the hard work for you; real-time reporting, portfolio management and live tenders and trades all in one place.

24/7 access & reporting

Online access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No waiting for business hours for urgent reporting.

Automation Driving Efficiency Automation Driving Efficiency
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Automation driving efficiency
How it works screen

The Open Platform brings together all your data – automatically. There’s no manual input or human error, as the technology does all the hard work. Your data is imported directly from your meter(s), your bills, your suppliers and your commodity markets.

This accurate, reliable data is then processed, analysed and converted into relevant real-time reports for you. From budget forecasting to cost analysis and competitive tendering, you can be assured of instant, exact information available whenever you need it.

The platform stores all your information securely in one place, and also takes away the grind of reporting on flexible trading, bill validation, mark-to-market and legislation compliance.

Live auctions
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The platform makes tendering fast, accurate and transparent. You can see and select from the suppliers you want to work with – or select the whole of the market. All your tenders are located together, online and can be compared like-for-like with full cost analysis, so you can understand the true cost of energy versus the standing charges, climate change levy.

Full cost analysis

Competitive tendering

Flexible trading

Bill validation


Legislation compliance

How it works screen
How we work with you


We manage your energy with you.

Together on our platform and with our expertise, drive your decision making and procurement strategies.

Ideal for: Procurement and Finance teams looking for the best value energy without having dedicated energy experts in-house.


You manage your energy with our technology.

Use the power of the platform and automated reporting to support your decision making.

Ideal for: Experienced energy buyers looking for the tools to manage and buy utilities.


We trade for you within your parameters.

Watch the results come in as we trade your contract within agreed frameworks and budget parameters.

Ideal for: Users looking to outsource all their energy requirements.

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