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Stabilise Your Energy

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The Only Way isn’t Up

If your energy costs keep rising, do you ever think it will stop? Without a tailored energy procurement service, that’s what you’ll be stuck with. Open Energy Market offers business an alternative future, one which includes stabilised energy costs and a clear transition to 100% renewable power. Connect with an industry-leading team of sustainability consultants, risk managers and energy traders to create a strategy unique to your business and your goals.

We've got the Power

"Open Energy Market's Fund has done amazing things for our business; we've been on the Fund for over a year now and I go into every season with the confidence of knowing that despite market volatility OEM's team of experts will unlock savings for our business. Our savings increased by 112% from S22 to W22, that's over a quarter million we wouldn't have been able to save if we were not on the Fund. I am very grateful to OEM and would recommend them to anyone who's looking to save on energy procurement costs."

Graham Thomson, Group Finance Director at The Danesmoor Group

Transform your Energy Procurement Strategy

Trusted by Hundreds of Businesses to Manage their Energy Procurement and Transition to Greener Energy

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Energy and Sustainability Services

Our comprehensive and full-service energy procurement services lead the industry on multiple fronts. 

Risk Management

Our dedicated team of risk managers can plan and manage any risk that your business may carry when it comes to your energy procurement. With a detailed process for understanding your organisation and your industry, we’re ready to provide your business with the security it needs for a healthy long-term future.  

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Trading Experts

Whether your locked into a fixed cost contract or paying day rates, you’re unlikely to be getting the best deal for your business, but our team can.  

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Open Performance Fund

Consistently outperforming the market, season after season, OEM’s flagship fund allows businesses to benefit from wholesale energy prices and take advantage of market fluctuations.  

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Flexible Procurement

A flexible procurement approach involves tracking the market to ensure energy is purchased at the optimum time to secure the best rates. Through the consultation process we work with you in developing your energy strategy, defining your priorities in relation to your corporate objectives.   

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Fixed Procurement

Fixing your energy costs for a set contract period can provide you with budget certainty, however it is not without risk due to the dependency on timings in relation to the market price, which fluctuates throughout the year. That’s why we work to secure the very best fixed energy costs for every contract we secure.  

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Bill Validation

Your electricity and gas bills can be incredibly complex allowing for historical errors that are waiting to be recovered and refunded. The statute of limitation allows for refund opportunities for up to 5 years in Scotland and 6 years in the rest of the UK. 

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Water Procurement

Our highly experienced water team can help you secure the optimum water supply contract. 

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A new beginning for energy procurement, it’s True 

True is a brand-new platform that provides businesses with energy consumption data in seconds, not days. With data dashboards and live updates, you’ll never have uncertainty over your energy consumption and costs ever again.  

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