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Navigating the world of sustainability and Net Zero is challenging. Understand which options are best suited to your business, finding reputable suppliers, securing the right financing is complicated and time consuming. It’s time to end the guesswork and frustration. Connect with our industry-leading team of sustainability consultants and verified partners to superpower your green energy strategy.


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Driving UK Sustainability

"We made a 100% transition to renewable energy across 19 large-scale sites throughout the UK. Open Energy Market were fundamental to that change."

Colin Farrell, Global Sourcing Specialist, Trelleborg International


Sustainable and Renewable Energy Solutions

Connect with our energy experts and a network of sustainable technology providers.


The True Path to Sustainability

Powered by Open Energy Market, True is a platform transforming the energy and sustainability sector. With a network of specialists across energy procurement, sustainability and risk management connected to True, you can access industry-leading experts in an instant.

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Access your energy consumption data in seconds.


View a custom dashboard & your entire energy portfolio.


Connect with sustainable technology experts.


Identify costs and execute your strategy.


Make significant carbon & energy savings.

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