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Become a member of our energy and sustainability network and supercharge your ability to win energy contracts with some of the largest energy consumers in the UK.


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A Range of Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Join our team to benefit from our expertise in energy procurement, sustainability, risk management, trading, and proposal development support for energy consultants.


Connect us with a prospect and we'll deliver exceptional service, increasing your chances of closing a contract. Whether you want an energy specialist on every call or support from the background, we'll work in a way that suits you. Our team of experts will create an effective energy procurement strategy, with guaranteed commercial terms.

  • End-to-end proposal management
  • Bespoke energy strategy for each customer
  • Choose your level of involvement

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Promote our expertise and industry-leading services as your very own. Learn how to present and win new contracts using our tried and tested approach to reducing energy costs and consumption.

  • Pricing and Contracting
  • Route to Market support
  • Reverse Auctioning
  • Bolt-on services to push deals

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We understand that solutions for energy consultants is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The partners and energy consultants that we work with have unique requirements for support. That is why we will work with you to develop the most efficient and win-obsessed process for your business.

  • Create your own sales funnel
  • Pick and choose the experts you want to use
  • Flexible commercial terms

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It’s not too Good to be True. It’s True.

Still not convinced of the win-win situation you find yourself in?

Flexible Procurement

Energy markets are volatile and costs can quickly spiral out of control if a business does not have a clear and defined strategy for managing rising or falling energy prices. Our team of experts will work with you and your client to create solutions tailored to their exact energy needs, optimising costs at every opportunity.

Open Performance Fund

The Open Performance Fund is OEM’s flagship fund open to all UK businesses for both gas and electricity. The fund groups its member’s consumption allowing them to benefit from wholesale gas and electricity prices. The fund aims to outperform the rest of the market and secure your energy below the market average price in all market conditions, saving our fund members thousands. Trading is completed prior to the start of each season, ensuring fund customers have a fixed commodity rate for the duration of each season.

A Brand-New Approach to Sustainability

Powered by Open Energy Market, True is a ground-breaking platform which is transforming the energy and sustainability sector. True empowers our partners, by combining your customers’ energy procurement costs with sustainability projects in one platform to deliver investment grade insights and make better sustainability decisions. By incorporating real-time energy and emissions data, this enables our partners to take control of its customers sustainability plans.  Our team of  specialists have sourced suppliers for the most suitable green tech at the right cost, to ensure financing is straight forward.

Fixed Procurement Reverse Auction

Reverse auction offers suppliers the opportunity to bid for your customers fixed contract. Our competitive reverse tendering auction provides the opportunity for 30+ suppliers to independently login to our technology to compare their prices against other anonymised offers from suppliers. Where possible, suppliers will sharpen their pencil to ensure you and your customer are getting the very best price in the market.


Energy and Sustainability News

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