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Connect a new organisation with Open Energy Market and we'll make a significant contribution to your charity of choice.


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How it Works

Step 1
Send an email to the person you are referring using the button. Personalise the message and don’t forget to keep us on copy.
Step 2
We will provide your connection with any information they need about Open Energy Market and how our services can help their business.
Step 3
If the organisation decides to work with Open Energy Market, we will make a significant contribution to your charity of choice.

Why Refer?

"Open Energy Market has provided us with excellent advice through some very turbulent times.

This has saved us material sums as we have been able to fix utility supplies at below the market rate.

This has given the business sufficient stability to be able to think beyond the current volatility for the long term."

Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive, Shepherd Neame 


Reduce Their Emissions, Reduce Yours...

We can work with your supply chain to reduce their emission.

Any reduction in their emissions will positively impact your scope 3 emission targets.

This will support your ESOS and Scope 1,2 and 3 reporting.


"For the Winter 2022 season across our business portfolio, we avoided costs of £400,372 through the Open Energy Market Fund.

Remaining in the fund each season is a no-brainer for the Office Space In Town group.

A long-term fixed contract rate would be much less cost-effective for the same duration, and we are now in a position to take advantage of the markets when they go down."

Niki Fuchs, CEO, Office Space In Town


Something to Shout About

By referring and connecting several of your partners or customers with our team, you can create your own energy and money saving strategy.

We'll even send our in-house media team to cover your work and the charity contributions you're responsible for.

"Open Energy Market has saved UK businesses hundreds of millions since launching and we're growing at a rapid pace because of the incredible value we provide our customers and partners.

But we're only just scratching the surface and we know that the majority of businesses are suffering as a result of energy price volatility. But we can only reach so many. 

That's why we want to engage our existing customers and offer them the opportunity to provide their own network with the opportunity to make significant energy savings."

Chris Gore, Head of Partnerships, Open Energy Market

Chris Gore

Protect Your Community

Nobody wants their key suppliers or customers to go out of business but this is a very real possibility when energy markets become volatile, as they did during the winter of 22/23.

As you know, working with OEM ensures that businesses are not impacted by major energy price hikes. 

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